04/24/2019 Meeting
PJM Wholesale Markets 2030
Dr. Ralph Izzo, President/CEO/Chairman, PSEG
Commissioner Michael Richard, MD PSC (OPSI President)
Kristin Munsch, Deputy Director, Illinois CUB (CAPS President)
Stu Bresler, Sr. VP Markets & Operation, PJM
Transmission for Off-Shore Wind
Cynthia Holland, Director of Federal and Regional Policy, New Jersey BPU
Clint Plummer, Head Market Strategies/New Projects, Řrsted
Theodore Paradise, Sr. VP Transmission Strategy, Anbaric OceanGrid
Professor Willett Kempton, University of Delaware
Ken Seiler, Executive Director Planning, PJM
 4.24.19 PJM Footprint Roundtable Draft Agenda (150k)
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