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10/29/2015 Meeting
Showcase Roundtable - Keynote Addresses – Natural Gas and the Electric Markets in U.S. and the PJM Footprint
Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur FERC
Andy Ott CEO, PJM
Richard Levitan President, Levitan & Associates
Stakeholder Perspectives on Integration of Gas/Electricity in the
PJM Footprint—Opportunities and Challenges
Neal Fitch Sr. Director, Regulatory Affairs, NRG Energy
Stan Chapman Exec. VP and COO, Columbia Pipeline
Dan Griffiths Exec. Director, Consumer Advocates of the PJM States
Bill Berg VP Wholesale Market Development, Exelon
Mike Kormos Exec. VP and COO, PJM
 10.29.15 Showcase Roundtable Agenda (245k)
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 Stan Chapman Presentation 10.29.15 (1,651k)
 Bill Berg Presentation 10.29.15 (307k)
 Speaker Bios 10.29.15 (432k)
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